I Tried Sympleaf Wellness Fruit Gummy Slices

August 28, 2022

What we think:


Gummies are having quite the renaissance in the cannabis and CBD industries, and Sympleaf’s 10mg fruit gummy slices are a far cry from the Flintstone vitamins and gummy bears of yore.


One of the things I look for in gummies is the ingredients and quality of the gummy itself since, you know… you’re going to eat it. I’m checking against what I call the “local health food co-op checklist”: Do they use natural ingredients? Are they organic? Non-GMO? Vegan? And my own checklist: Do they taste like something I even want to eat? (Trying to chew my way through interestingly flavored CBD gummies is something I’ve become quite accustomed to).


Ingredients in these gummies are organic and non-GMO. However, due to the enigmatic nature of the term “natural flavors” listed in their ingredients, there isn’t a guarantee that these gummies are vegan since natural flavors can be derived from animal sources.


They are definitely tasty though – even a little nostalgic – they remind me somewhat of candy orange slices I used to get from the gas station as a kid. I’m a fan of citrusy flavors, so these are subjectively some of the better gummies I’ve had in terms of taste – very bright and vibrant, which is how they help make me feel in the morning (or in the evening while I’m snacking, SUE ME).


Each gummy has 10mg of hemp-derived CBD, so they offer a nice way to maintain a daily dose of CBD, as well as a nice daily little treat to enjoy. And at a lower dosage, we won’t judge anyone for going back for a second or third one.

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