Our Review of Highline Wellness CBD Oil

January 11, 2021

What we think:


As soon as I saw Highline Wellness’ tinctures, I was eager to try them. As mentioned in a previous review, I am a simple-minded consumer when it comes to packaging, and their hip and modern style immediately had me clearing out a space on my shelf to display the sophisticated tinctures.


But looks should be the least of anyone’s concerns when it comes to CBD products. As I was writing this review, the FDA released a statement that the safety of CBD products is still largely unknown. Many companies desperate to claim space in the green rush will say or do whatever it takes to get consumers to buy.


However, Highline Wellness isn’t one of those companies. One of my favorite things about Highline is the information it includes right on the bottles of its tinctures.


It’s the most information I’ve seen any brand include out of the ones I’ve reviewed so far, and considering I’m a packaging snob, it proves that you don’t have to sacrifice information to have aesthetically pleasing packaging.


I’m not sure what the regulations are in Highline Wellness’ home state of New York, but information given included supplemental facts with serving size and servings per container; ingredients; a third-party lab-testing certification; and their website which they mention you can visit for full lab results, which I happily oblige them on.


Looking at the testing results of Highline’s tinctures, it’s clear that the products are ones the company is proud to sell. Pesticide residue and heavy metal tests are pristine and the cannabinoid profile of their extract is 88 percent CBD, which means you’re getting what you’re paying for – guaranteed.


They also taste good. I’ve never understood the concept of trying to mask mildly bad or tasteless liquids with terrible, overpowering unnatural flavor, so I was a bit nervous to try the citrus and mint-flavored tinctures.


To my delight, the flavor was subtle, a light infusion of actual natural flavors. It’s really best to take CBD by putting a dose of it under your tongue, but I like the citrus flavor so much that I plan on adding it to my tea occasionally.


All of their tinctures range from 250 mg to 1000 mg depending on your needs, but I’m keeping both flavors of the 250 mg tinctures as a part of my rotation of CBD tinctures. I plan on supplementing a full-spectrum CBD tincture taken earlier in the day with this tincture in the afternoon or evening, or just anytime I want a small daily dose of CBD.


Highline Wellness checks all of the boxes for me with the exception of not offering a full-spectrum tincture. However, it’s easy for me to overlook this given that it transparently offers third-party testing results, which, to me, is the ultimate hallmark of quality in CBD products. Bear in mind – third-party testing is not cheap.


It’s an expense a company could very well choose not to make given the current state of the market, meaning that it’s also currently a sure sign of an exceptional product. For my friends and family new to CBD, this is the only tincture I’ve reviewed so far that I’d recommend.

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