Our Review of Sunsoil Citrus CBD Oil

December 12, 2020

What we think:


So, the first time I tried this, I made the rookie mistake of taking it straight. This would have been fine if I would have tucked a few drops under my tongue, letting the saliva dilute it first; but, no. Instead, I did a complete Baby Bird, throwing my head back and emptying a dropper-full into my unprepared esophagus. I will say: This tincture is delicious. I’m a citrus fiend to begin with, so I was expecting to like it already, but the marriage of sweet orange oil with cinnamon oil was a delightful surprise, gently reminiscent of happy winter evenings gone by.


The cons? Well, because I took it like a moron, the cinnamon oil left a snail trail of throat tingles that sparked an impressive coughing fit as soon as I laid down. Luckily, a glass of water was all I needed to flush the feeling and stop hacking. Since I ended up going to bed not long after this initial serving, I wasn’t able to feel the benefits while awake. I did, however, sleep very well.


The second time I helped myself to this punchy magic potion was at the dusk of a draining day filled with less-than-fun surprises and less-than-welcome emotions. By the time I arrived home, I was fuming, exhausted, and tense as hell. It didn’t help that on my way home, I had to stop at the grocery store for toilet paper. (Stopping at the store on a Sunday — when literally everyone and their tattooed grandma, polyamorous-lover squad, and sweatered dog is there — is almost guaranteed to direct depression into full-blown despair.)


A serving of tincture seemed appropriate, so I brewed a cup of Orange Spice tea and added a dropper-full. Side note: Taking it in tea isn’t bad, but since the tincture is oil-based and floats on the surface, I prefer taking it under the tongue instead; also, taking it alone respects such a lovely flavor. Each serving size delivers 10 mg of CBD (the entire bottle boasts 600 mg), and the dropper is conveniently labeled for precise measuring.


After that, I took a long walk around my neighborhood to help center myself. The tincture definitely helped me get there. The longer I went, the calmer I felt. I was even able to patiently follow a thought to its end point, instead of getting lost along the way, or sidelined by five other fuming thought trains all vying for Best in Show.


By the twilight of my walk, I felt like each step I took was landing a few inches above the sidewalk: My stress had significantly melted off, leaving a calmer, more collected human who was able to think with less distractions and process the weirdness of the day with significantly less stress.


The unboxing experience, by the way, was quite fun! As soon as you open the package, you’re met with some lovely sketches chronicling the Sunsoil process, which starts with seeds (this is especially noteworthy when so many farms clone their hemp plants); includes two different ISO-certified testing rounds by three different third-party labs; and ends with the fabulous finished product. The box was also full of lovingly-made cards and a booklet highlighting their values, processes, and results that I greatly enjoyed exploring. (Psst! To get a gorgeous glimpse of their farm and a 60-second taste of their values, check out https://vimeo.com/sunsoil)


“For us, making our CBD both effective and affordable is rooted in the land we cultivate and the efficiency we have built into our operation,” the Sunsoil Team states on their website. “Our farm in Hardwick, Vermont, is the physical realization of everything we believe in and — more specifically — embodies the vision we want to share with those that take our CBD.”


Basically, Sunsoil is built upon the philosophy that no one should be restricted from accessing safe, lab-tested CBD products of the highest quality. And that includes tattooed grandmas, polyamorous-lover squads, and maybe even some sweatered dogs.


You can check out the full line of products from Sunsoil here.

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