Our Review of Wana Sour Mango CBD Gummies

August 28, 2021

What we think:


My brain tends to operate at a preschool level – neurons and synapses throwing tantrums and refusing bed times. I attempt to mitigate my issues with medication, therapy, exercise and crossword puzzles, and overall, I don’t think I do too shabby at managing my smorgasbord of mental health issues.


That being said, my nervous system is still a bit…touchy, but with my current schedule, it’s challenging for me to maintain a consistent routine of self-care like meditation, yoga, and enjoying a cup of hot tea.


The reality is that I’m usually a blur of constant motion until the nighttime when I rediscover that cup of tea neglected in some corner of my house, so it’s nice to have the supplemental support that CBD can offer. CBD itself almost feels like a session of yoga or meditation, but a bonus factor is that it can actually put you into a head space where you’re better able to focus your intentions on engaging in those healthy habits.


This is what I found to be the case when trying Colorado-based THC and CBD edible company, Wana’s, Sour Mango CBD gummies. This particular flavor of Wana’s gummies contain only CBD, but Wana has different variations of THC and CBD-laced edibles, so if you’re interested in something more psychoactive, and you live in a recreational state, it has other options worth exploring. 


One serving is half a gummy. They are conveniently sliced down the middle so you can see where to divide them if you want a single 10 mg serving of CBD. For me, I knew 10mg wasn’t going to cut it. I went full throttle on the CBD with one whole gummy for a total of 20mg, which is what I found was the ideal dosage during my previous CBD experiment. 


About 45 minutes after eating a gummy, my body and mind started to feel more in tune. Each action I took felt more consistent and natural from a somatic standpoint. It was like someone had repaired the little feedback loop inside me that tells my brain what’s going on. Instead of that loop staying silent, only to shout occasional false alarms or just constantly kind of making noise for no apparent reason, it regularly informed my brain that I’m perfectly fine and that there aren’t any threats. 


At the end of the day, feeling motivated to see just how much more tranquil I could get, I broke out ye olde yoga mat and felt myself relax deeper into the stretches than doing yoga in my CBD-free days. I ended the evening with some meditation and herbal tea – although, I unfortunately still didn’t manage to remember my tea until it was tepid peppermint water. Two out of three is still a win in my book.  


Overall, the only thing I wish was different was that Wana’s CBD-only gummies came in other flavors. I’m not exactly a mango-candy person, but that’s just a personal preference and I think many people who are less picky would find the gummies enjoyable. Besides, how much can I really complain about eating a treat that also helps smooth down some of my edges?


Visit Wana’s site here.


Disclaimer: This review is based on Tiffany’s personal experience with the product and isn’t intended to reflect any medical or scientific opinion. Please always consult your doctor if you have any questions about cannabis usage and do your own research before committing to use any product.


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