Our Review of Zebra CBD Sleep Support Gummies

July 1, 2024

What we think:


I’ve taken my fair share of sleep support gummies with cbd and cbn, but I’ve never really been a fan of them until I had these. The Zebra Sleep Support Gummies have made something beautiful for all those people who struggle with getting any sleep.



  • Body high
  • Knocks you out
  • Not a bad flavor



  • none


Body High

Mixing CBN and CBD, creates a potent mixture of the ultimate relaxation high for your body and Zebra has made the perfect mix! The activation took about 30 minutes and I did take the suggested amount of one gummy. There is a warmth that washes over your body, making the tension slip away in the muscles and feels as if you are floating. Within another 30 minutes or so I was sleeping.


Knocks you out!

When I took these gummies, I wasn’t expecting them to work that well, from past experience of other brands. These gummies are super effective though! As soon as your body starts to relax and float, sleep comes easy after that. I’m usually the type of person that doesn’t sleep well or can’t stay asleep, but when I closed my eyes that night, I woke up in the same position. It was a hard, deep sleep that I have not had in months and it was welcomed. 


The Flavor

Personally, lemon-lime is not my favorite flavor, which seems to be the flavor palette they were going for, regardless, the gummies were still quite good. You get the punch of flavor in the beginning and as you chew there is only a hint of that medicinal taste. I was overjoyed to find that this didn’t taste like I licked a hemp balm such as some other gummies I’ve had in the past. I would be really interested to see what other flavors they could come up with since they’ve made these pretty tasty. 


Is this recommended?

For a pack of 30 gummies, it comes in at almost $50 and I would still say these are worth it. If you have been struggling with sleep such as myself, I would recommend giving these a go.

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