I Reviewed Sympleaf Sport 1500mg CBD Isolate Oil

June 27, 2024

What we think:


I’m no athlete by any means, but I lead a pretty active lifestyle – emphasized on weekends when we’re unbound by work schedules and able to hike or kayak all day. I initially wondered if I should save Sympleaf Sport for my next Saturday/Sunday activity spread, but melting under deadlines midway through the week seemed as good a time as any to test its invitation to enhance my physical and mental well-being.


Backed by rigorous testing, Sympleaf Sport says it’s designed to meet the unique needs of athletes and active individuals, supporting recovery, focus, and overall vitality. It’s derived from 100% USA Hemp and contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. I tried it in as many situations as I could, without exceeding the recommended dose of 1mL per day. Each tincture contains enough CBD isolate oil for about 30 servings.   


It’s easy to consume – velvety and light – and feels like a silky shot of something-good-for-you, though it thankfully neglects the potent (read: off-putting) taste associated with many CBD oils I’ve tried. I thought this tasted quite pleasant actually. Per instructions, I held it under my tongue. It doesn’t say for how long you’re supposed to hold it under your tongue, so I guessed and counted to 30. I don’t know for sure, but I think by letting it sit there you’re activating your salivary glands to aid in digestion. 


At any rate, it’d been a while since I’d had CBD in any form, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as far as a shift in focus or mood. I switched from one project to another. I’m a copywriter for a marketing agency, and my projects take anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours. Clear focus is coveted. The usual afternoon slump time came and went. Taking on a last minute project, I realized I felt more calm, more focused. I moved through the rest of my projects easily and wrapped up the day gracefully – it had been a productive few hours. After dinner, we capped off the day with a long walk through a humid June night. It was sweltering, but I still felt like Sympleaf kept me on an even keel as I decompressed from a busy workday. Oh, and I slept like a baby that night.  


The second time I tried it was during our long-awaited active weekend: there was hiking, rock hopping down a rushing creek, and long evening walks with the dog. Within an hour of taking it before we arrived at our favorite island for kayaking, I noticed I felt alert, calm, and comfortable while I hiked around the lake (avoiding the stray cows where I could), and ultimately rewarded myself with a spot close to the shore to read my book for a while. I felt like I could melt into the ground, in the best way possible. 


We capped the evening off with a long walk, looping through a few parks; I felt energetic despite the long day. Again, I slept like a little baby. And when I took a dose the next day before our creek adventure, a similar cushion of comfort seemed to keep me alert and tireless as we scrambled over rocks to get to the best fly fishing spots. All in all, I’d recommend it for an active lifestyle. I think it helps with stamina and feeling calm/regulated overall. I also seemed to sleep more soundly, so you can’t underestimate its benefit as a sleep aid.  


What The Georgia Hemp Co. says about Sympleaf Sport 1500mg CBD Oil:

“Elevate your performance”

My rating: 9/10

Comments: I felt like I had a good amount of energy when I was cruising around on this CBD oil, and didn’t feel like I tired easily.


“Support your recovery”

My rating: 8/10

Comments: Not gonna lie, I got some great sleep while I was taking this. And we all know better sleep = better performance. 


“Nurture your well-being the natural way”
My rating: 9/10

Comments: Overall this made me feel measured, calm, and focused. The taste was clean, and at $40 per 1 fl oz bottle, it’s competitively priced. 

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