Trying Out Zebra CBD Premium Hemp Extract Rub

July 1, 2024

What we think:


The marijuana industry has been working diligently in trying to produce high quality products especially in the rubs and creams, and, unfortunately, they usually fall short in either smelling like hot garbage or the products being overall messy. Zebra has somehow managed to create a rub that doesn’t smell and leaves little, to no residue after use.  



  • Does not smell bad
  • Very little residue
  • Heavy topical muscle relaxer



  • none


Pleasant Smell

I rant and rave about this very often because I truly cannot stand the smell of heavy medical creams. The smell is often overbearing to the point you can taste it. Zebra on the other hand has made their Hemp Extract Rub to smell refreshing with hints of rosemary and lavender instead of medicinal (a trend I am noticing with Zebra products). I found the smell to add to the relaxation as it puts your body at ease. Even when you apply it, there is no bad smell!


What residue?

I was a bit hesitant about using this rub at first because of my experience in the past with other products. One of my biggest issues with a lot of topical ointments is they will leave a greasy residue on your hands after application. Zebra has managed this, their rub doesn’t leave that oily residue after. The ingredients used are all organic and they have incorporated important factors such as hydrating elements in the rub such as body butter. So not only is it easing muscles, but you are also hydrating your skin.  


Releasing Muscle Tension

Once I started applying this rub I could feel a tingling across my skin (same sensation as an icy hot thanks to the small dose of menthol) that worked deep in my muscles. Within 15 minutes, I can feel parts of my muscles slowly relaxing and by 30 min, the sensation had trickled down to areas close to application such as the joints in my neck and shoulders. By 45 minutes, my neck was completely relaxed with no more tension, which makes sense due to this container having 500mg in one ounce. So a little does go a long way with this rub.


Is this recommended?

I only have good things to say about this rub. Zebra had really thought about application as well as previous issues with other, similar products and finally made the changes the people needed. If you or someone you know is struggling with muscle or joint pain, I would recommend this.

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