Sympleaf Wellness Hemp Derived Oil Review

September 16, 2022

What we think:


Sympleaf’s hemp-derived tinctures are of the caliber that they could make even the hardest skeptic admit that CBD has real potential. After taking a dropper of the oil (1000mg), tremors caused by medications I take disappeared entirely. I’m not sure what the exact science is behind this, but, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the tincture transforms my clammy jazz hands into normal hands that won’t poke me in the eye with a mascara brush.


As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, CBD products don’t cause drastic changes instantaneously to your physiology. If you take one dose of CBD and instantly perceive beneficial effects, you are likely reaping the benefits of the placebo effect, which can technically still be beneficial in a complex way as discussed in this article from Harvard Health. However, a quality CBD oil at a higher dose can have a sort of “hushing” effect (I typically notice it about 45 minutes to an hour after taking it) – like a librarian just walked into a party and shushed everyone – “everyone” being your nervous system.


One consideration to make of these particular tinctures is that they’re CBD isolates, not full-spectrum oils. CBD isolates have a higher and purer concentration of cannabidiol (CBD). This means that, unlike with full-spectrum CBD oils, you may not be getting what’s called the “entourage effect” in which cannabis compounds interact synergistically to create stronger effects. You can find a whole article regarding full-spectrum versus CBD isolates here. However, keep in mind, like many things in the world of CBD, there is sparse research regarding this topic, and the research that does exist sometimes conflicts.


Regardless, these tinctures are a good choice for people who may have concerns about the legality of THC in their state, or for individuals who prefer their CBD oils not to have the earthy taste that full-spectrum oils have. It’s also cheaper, which makes it more accessible to those with tighter wallets.


Overall, after having taken these tinctures, I found them to be effective and beneficial in their own right. The primary difference from full-spectrum I would note is that I didn’t notice any drowsiness when I took these tinctures as opposed to when I’ve taken full-spectrum CBD, which could be good or bad depending on what you’re taking it for.

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