We Reviewed Mint Full Spectrum Hemp Oil From Zebra CBD

July 1, 2024

What we think:


I’ll be honest, I have not used hemp oil in a few years because I found the products at that time to be lacking in what they were promoting. That has not been the case for Zebra CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.



  • Not an aggressive mint flavor
  • Full body relaxation
  • Easy measuring



  • None


Mint Flavoring

My experience with hemp oil in the flavor department has been terrible. In the past, the majority of oils I’ve tasted were very clinical and mostly bitter. Zebra left me quite surprised with their Mint Hemp Oil since compared to other brands this has a very light mint flavor that is not overpowering. When placing it under the tongue it dissipates quickly and does not have any lingering flavor of anything! 


Full Body Relaxation 

I read the suggested amount for a serving, one dropper, and once the oil had dissipated under my tongue, it took about 45 minutes to feel the effects. Strangely enough, the effects do not punch you or wash over you. The experience was more of a realization. You slowly realize that the aches and pains you had are just not there anymore. Later, the full body relaxation hit. I felt like Gumby with how loose my muscles and joints felt.



Many of the oil products out there are distributed by the dropper, but for a few of them they do not have the CBD measurements right. In order to get a high potency CBD oil to actually take effect, the serving needs to be at least 50 mg of CBD PER 1 ml serving. Do keep in mind that CBD affects everyone differently, so what feels strong to you may not be as potent to another person such as myself. I am happy to report that the blend Zebra has created even works on a tester like me. 


Is this recommended?

Since the Zebra CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has the flavor, the great effects and an actually good serving, I would recommend this product for anyone interested in knowing what quality tastes and feels like.

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