We Tested Sympleaf Wellness CBD Tablets

August 28, 2022

What we think:


Because CBD is still not well researched, one of the things I value most in CBD products is their simplicity, and Sympleaf Wellness is one of a few brands that offer straight-forward and effective CBD products.


Sympleaf’s 10mg and 25mg tablets are an easy way to get a light, daily dose of CBD, and because the tablets are taken the same way you would a vitamin, it’s beneficial for those who are a put off by the sometimes earthy taste of tinctures or the intense flavor of gummies.


Tablets at this dosage are also a good starting place for individuals who are new to CBD and want to experiment with how they take them, or for those who tend to metabolize things quickly and want something that they can take every few hours to get the nice subtle effects of CBD without any of the drowsiness that high concentrations can cause.


After taking one 25mg tablet in the morning and one in the afternoon consistently every day, I felt less of an emotional crash in the afternoon, and by nighttime, I felt that it was easier to get my racehorse mind into its stable (no small feat, mind you).


Personally, I love that there’s nothing particularly showy about this product. To sell something without any sort of gimmick or fancy jargon in an industry as crowded as CBD speaks to the trust Sympleaf has in its product.

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