Can CBD help you get (and stay) fit?

April 12, 2021

To add to the seemingly never-ending list of uses of CBD, many athletes are now using the cannabis by-product to not only help them recover from workouts, but to also increase performance.


While the use of CBD has not been studied specifically for its efficacy in fitness, there is an overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence that supports its usefulness to athletes and gym goers alike. From weightlifters to runners, they all suffer from that dreaded post-workout soreness.


With this soreness, many can be discouraged to work out properly or to even work out at all. Many gym-goers suffer from more than just muscle soreness, but joint-pains and sometimes even muscle tears. Without proper treatment, many of these seemingly small injuries can result in long-term damage.


For reasons like these, many athletes are turning to CBD products to help with their recovery. A newer use of CBD that has been getting some attention, is how it helps with regards to athletic performance. With a focus on recovery and performance, we’ll explore just how CBD plays into them.


Recovering with CBD

The reason why CBD is becoming so popular in the fitness world, is for its ability to be an anti-inflammatory. Because of this, CBD is becoming vital to athletes in their recovery processes before and after workouts. Like other supplements, CBD products can be “stacked” (using multiple products at once) which can maximize its effectiveness.


There are no repercussions to “stacking” CBD products since you cannot overdose on it. If used properly, CBD can make your workouts manageable if you suffer from joint & muscle pains, and if you don’t suffer from either of those, it can make your workouts a breeze.


Remember that the intake of CBD helps to regulate your endocannabinoid system by interacting with your CB1 and CB2 receptors, which means it is essential to maintaining your mood, perception of pain, inflammation and your immune system.


Maintaining a fine balance between all of these factors is key to not only physical recovery, but mental as well (which is why CBD is also very popular in the mental health world). With a sense of calm and balance, athletes can make the most out of their recovery.


Increased Performance

Because CBD is such an effective anti-inflammatory, it can help athletic performance in a round-about way. Athletes can expect better workouts because their recovery periods will be so much more effective. In some cases, when stacking CBD ointments and topicals, it can provide for increased blood flow and muscle “pliability” during workouts, which will help cardio-focused athletes and yoga enthusiasts.


A Bright Future for CBD and Athletes

With the passing of the Hemp Farm Bill of December 2018, there will surely be more research conducted in the CBD field. This, of course, means well for everyone involved.


With better research, athletes can feel more confident in the products they are taking, while companies will be held accountable for the claims they make for their products. Because of this, products will only get better and better, and CBD will be further solidified as a legitimate supplement for athletes everywhere.

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