Your Guide to CBD Intimacy Products

January 13, 2021

Since becoming single in my twenties and living in a city for the first time, I’ve learned a lot about my sexual health. As a person who has spent way too much time and money at the gynecologist, I heavily scrutinize products intended for use on genitals, knowing that they can deeply affect your health and wellbeing. Intimate CBD products are no exception.


In the words of Bobby Hill, “That’s my purse. I don’t know you.”


Also, yes, this article has a lot of discussion about vaginas. If that grosses you out, I’ve got bad news for you, because most likely, the first thing you ever did in this mortal realm was slide out of one naked and crying. (Unless you’re a C-section baby, in which case, high five for the problematic infants.)


There’s also a section about topical CBD, which is similar to intimate CBD products in that there’s very little research and information available, despite the fact that it’s being applied directly to your body parts. In fact, research of intimate and topical CBD products returned pretty much nothing conclusive.


One article stated that the vaginal wall had the highest amount of cannabinoid receptors, while another article stated that this was bunk. On top of that, many of the ‘expert spokespeople’ cited were spokespeople on behalf of the companies being touted in the article. So, consider intimate and topical CBD products the more novel realm of CBD where it pays to have a slightly more advanced knowledge of CBD.


Personal Lubricants

Most CBD lube is currently marketed toward women, whose vaginal walls contain mucous membranes that act like a sponge, directly absorbing the alleged benefits of CBD. Although, I did see one CBD lube targeted specifically toward men, elegantly dubbed ‘Polish your Knob’.


Despite being a huge advocate for investing in quality lube, most of what I found was ultimately disappointing. Most CBD lubes are oil-based and can’t be used with latex condoms or silicone sex toys. On top of that, many of them also contain coconut oil, which can actually disrupt vaginal PH and cause yeast infections for some people.


There were a few CBD lubes that were water based, meaning they could safely be used with latex or silicone, but ultimately none of the CBD lubes are regulated or tested, and no formal studies have been done about whether or not CBD lube can alter the PH of your vagina or the effectiveness of hormonal birth control.


However, anecdotal evidence reveals that CBD lube may be worth a try, and it seems most gynecologists aren’t too concerned about CBD lube causing any adverse effects. Of the reviews that I read, it seemed that people either had a very positive experience, or they just didn’t feel any different.


CBD Tampons

Technically, there’s no such thing as CBD tampons on the market – yet. London-based company, Daye, is set to release CBD-coated tampons this fall that are intended to help deliver localized pain relief for period cramps.


However, the only CBD ‘tampons’ currently being sold are not tampons at all, but suppositories sold by California-based start-up, Foria (who also sells a CBD-lube), that are intended to relieve menstrual and pelvic discomfort.


These suppositories are made from cocoa butter and CBD isolate, and some also include THC oil, although the THC suppositories are only available with a medical card in Colorado and California. I could only find information about coconut oil being used in the vagina, and nothing about cocoa butter, but I’m highly skeptical of putting anything that smells like a freshly baked cookie up there.


An 8-pack of CBD suppositories, each containing 100mg of CBD, costs $72. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time researching the reviews, but there was nothing discussing the amount of time that a CBD suppository would be effective in relieving pain for.


There can be a lot of risk in sticking stuff in your vagina and hoping for the best, but if you are open minded, trust anecdotal evidence, and you have cash to spend, it might be a risk worth taking. What’s more painful: period cramps or spending $72 on pain relief? That’s for you and your wallet to decide.


Overall, our bodies are wild frontiers subject to the laws of chemistry and ecology. If you’re putting anything on, or in your body, you’re taking a risk. There’s not a lot of research on how CBD can affect the body, especially when it comes to intimate and topical CBD products, so it’s important to proceed with caution and do your own research.


Keep in mind, however, that there is a ton of research on what eating extremely processed foods such as mozzarella-stuffed-crust, triple-cheese pizza does to the body, and yet that didn’t stop me from eating half of one last night. Sometimes you gotta roll the dice, and maybe it’s worth it to ease pain or increase pleasure.

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